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The summer is jam-packed full of events for the small town of Eureka, Nevada. Every month presents an annual get-together of some sort, which brings people from all over to celebrate. August 1st represents the coming of the Eureka County Fair next week, ending with the 4th Annual Ron Carrion Memorial Mud Volleyball Tournament on August 11th.

Starting out as somewhat of an idea, the Mud Volleyball Tournament has progressed into an all-out battle. There are now 2 courts with a double-elimination tournament setup. Just because it’s August doesn’t mean it’s nice weather in the high desert; but it’s nothing a few beers won’t solve. It’s a friendly rivalry between some of the greatest friends and family. It sits close to our hearts as any opportunity to celebrate the life of a great man is welcomed. Ron Carrion loved a good party and any excuse to get some people to come to town.

Rain or shine, the Fair and Mud Volleyball Tournament continue. Visit http://www.co.eureka.nv.us/fair.htm for a list of events this year at the Eureka County Fair. 

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