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With unique natural resources and beautiful scenery, Eureka has been the host to some rare events over the years. We stumbled across some pictures of an event held in the late ’90’s that Ron was always very enthusiastic about. Even though Eureka only hosted it for 3 years, the Louis Gibellini Single-Jack Mining Competition made a lasting impression.

If you’ve never heard of a mining competition, it’s worth a lookup. While the contestants are usually rather serious about their entry, it’s a fun-loving and exciting spectators’ event. Some events can take some time to get through, but it’s still fascinating and diverse. Some contestants enter the Ore Mucking, Single-Jack, Jackleg, or Swede Saw. All money collected went to the winners. Louis Gibellini was known for his single jack skill, which is why his daughter Janelle pushed for a way to honor her then recently passed father.

Even though Eureka hasn’t made the Mining Competition an annual event since 1998, you can still lookup some national-level competitions as well as collegiate matches. Hopefully in the next few years, the community can rally for a return and get the competition up and running once again. It’s a great way for Eureka to front its mining history and bring people together in the great outdoors. 

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