About Us

Family-owned and operated since 1981, the Owl Club Bar and Steakhouse has seen its share of passer-bys on Highway 50. Originally from California, the Carrion’s came across the Owl Club on a hunting trip. Ron always loved the outdoors, and Ted is quite the entrepreneur. But buying a business in the middle of nowhere in rural Nevada? How would the wives feel about that? Well, depending on who you talk to, some say it was a no-brainer and others will say Ron was quite the trouble-maker; he needed to head out to the sagebrush. Sure enough, Ted came out to Eureka in January of 1981 to see what kind of profit the place could make. By June of the same year, he was handing over a check to Harland Hiles with a smile and a handshake.

Soon after Ted became the new owner of a little bar and half-operating restaurant, his oldest son, Ron, moved his young family out to Eureka to manage the business. His wife wasn’t thrilled having to move from beautiful Lake Tahoe, but Ron was quite the picture-painter. What’s not to love about Eureka? No crime, beautiful sunsets, and a main street business. In no time, the Carrion’s considered themselves Nevada residents to stay.

For years to come, Ted and Ron both operated and managed the Owl Club even though Ted lived in northern California. He traveled often to see his grandkids and help his son. Ron and his wife Betsy raised 3 girls that were seen more often than not running around the Owl Club. As the girls moved away for college and careers, Ron began farming and hoped to retire from the restaurant business. it wasn’t until his sudden passing in early 2009 that the Owl Club actually came up for sale.

The Carrion family has had a wonderful experience and upbringing in the great little town of Eureka, Nevada, and that wouldn’t have happened without the success of the Owl Club Bar and Steakhouse.


1 thought on “About Us”

  1. Debbie McLaughlin said:

    Knew Ron Carrion well.I worked for him for a time in 1993.When my husband and I worked for Russell Ranches we went there alot to have a good meal and fun with the crew.I remember a few times when ron threw the guys out of the bar!Good memories and been man many years since we were there.Looks like it has changed a bit.

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