Spaniards love to eat and that’s not a secret. They also love to entertain, laugh, party, dance, and feed their guests. Ted and Ron Carrion know what a quality meal tastes like, so the Owl Club Steakhouse is no slouch when it comes to getting your bang for your buck.

As you can see, the ambience has taken on quite a different tune since the ’80’s. The restaurant walls have seen everything from red velvet fabric to pink paint…such trendsetters those Carrion’s. Even if you’re not hungry, it’s worth a stop in to see the famous “caught in the crack” picture over table 4. Now that the Owl Club encompasses the old Nevada Club, the staff can utilize a whole separate space for catering big groups and meetings. However, the Carrion’s enjoyed many Thanksgiving dinners smack in the middle of the restaurant. Why cook dinner at home when you can invite 40 of your closest friends in town to the Owl?

Ron went mobile for a few years, too, catering events anywhere and everywhere. Firefighter crews, shoots, weddings, parties, whatever-Ron had the truck and cooker in tow to feed the people. More often then not, he showed up in “Blackie” with just the cooker, but the Eureka Productions catering truck had some good days…but mostly bad ones. Regardless, if the people had a meal then all the work was worth it.

Even though it’s considered a “Steakhouse,” the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Ted used to make the gravy for the biscuits every morning at 5am, and that is still one of the best items on the menu. There are those cafes that are known for certain items and everything else is just mediocre; this is not one of those cafes. The burger is just as good as the salad and the steak is just as good as the fish. If you can find a seat for dinner, just order the special. Let the cook know how your food was, and you’re guaranteed a better meal the next time you come in. Where else can you still get a cup of coffee for a dollar? 

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    Wow great website, but I’m looking for the phone number. It isn’t anywhere?/?????

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