Bar and Dance Hall

Originally, the Owl Club Bar & Steakhouse shared a wall with another bar in Eureka, the Nevada Club. It offered a pretty big space with two separate standing bars, a dance hall, and a stage. It also encompassed the original Nevada Club, which was a small side room that had been closed for years. Ted and Ron saw room for expansion very early in their purchase, but the owner was not budging on selling his property. Finally, after almost 20 years of owning the Owl Club, Ron was able to cut a deal and start the expansion. It was a great opportunity for him to improve the overall appearance of the business, especially since it’s main street Highway 50. He incorporated a rustic feel with old wood and stone. During the renovation, business open as usual, he held a “Branding Party,” where he invited residents to bring their branding irons in and tattoo the walls. Ground broke on the project in the summer of 2000, and hit a lull for a few years. Ever since 2010 when his daughter and son-in-law started managing the joint, there are constant upgrades. Although, nothing compares to the purchase of the Nevada Club and expansion. Any longtime Eurekan would agree. 

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